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April 27, 2014



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In the meantime, check out the April 6 episode below, and listen to the archive 


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April 6 archived recording

Forgiveness and Being the Best Fathers We Can Be  

Interview with Claude Soffel, CPC, Life Coach and Founder of The Braveheart Institute.


What does forgiveness mean?  What does it have to do with being a great father to our children?  Forgiveness of whom exactly?  Claude created his coaching practice, The Braveheart Institute to help coach men who want to be better fathers to their children.  That's his passion.  He does this by helping fathers get in touch with who they are as men.  This, he feels, is the path for them to become the authentic and loving fathers they are each fully capable of being.  He has coached and counseled hundreds of men in his community as well as having lead father/son workshops and even support groups for men.  If you would like to visit The Braveheart Insititute's website for more information, click here:   Join us for this lively conversation, and call in with your questions or comments about "forgiveness" as we make this critical link to fatherhood.






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